Norman Judkins

by Bo

“Each man who opened an addition named the streets according to his fancy,” writes Sophie Frye Bass. Perhaps nowhere is this truer than in the Norman B. Judkins Addition to the Town of Seattle, filed by Norman B. Judkins in 1869. The plat includes five named streets, which Judkins called Norman, B, Judkins, Addition, Town, and Seattle.

King County Recorder's Office

Judkins’s plat is roughly where I-5 and I-90 meet today. (The numbered streets have shifted slightly from the 1869 layout. The plat’s Seventh St. would be today’s Fifth Ave. S, and so on.) Note that the shoreline of Elliott Bay cuts right through the center of the plat; this is approximately where I-5 is now.

Of Judkins’s named streets in southeast Seattle, only Norman and Judkins remain. B Street is now Connecticut, and Town is Atlantic. However, both Addition and Seattle Streets are still evident in short stretches on a 1950 Sanborn Fire Insurance map, and Seattle Street is still here, albeit only in its far westward extension, between Atlantic and Massachusetts in West Seattle.